Heads Up Football

Learn how USA Football's Heads Up Football initiative is creating change by addressing the challenges of player safety in youth and high school football.

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Master Heads Up Football's 5 Tackling Drills and Techniques

USA Football's Heads Up Football program isn't just making the game safer. It's building better football players and helping coaches create bette...

By: Zac Clark

Play It Safe With the 5 Pillars of Heads Up Football

An old-school ball coach would never have imagined a day when a group of youth football players would change the landscape of the sport. That's...

By: Zac Clark

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Heads Up Football Tackling Drills

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Coach Chris Haddock explains how the Heads Up Football program is improving the game and enhancing the skillset of his players at Centreville High School in Virginia.

Building a State Championship Team With Heads Up Football

The Heads Up Football program played an instrumental role in the Centreville Wildcats' quest for the Virginia state championship.

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The Five Pillars of Heads Up Football

USA Football master trainer Dick Adams discusses the key elements and benefits of the Heads Up football program.