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Is Chipotle Actually Healthy?

For many people, Chipotle is like a second home. The fast casual restaurant chain now has more than 2,000 locations, a testament to its popularity....

By: Brandon Hall

The Busy Man's Guide for Cooking a Healthy Dinner

It's just not as hard as you make it out to be. Yes it takes time, yes it takes you going to the grocery store and yes it requires you to put some...

By: Ben Boudro

How Sprouting Your Food Can Make It More Nutritious

It's easy to forget how big a role seeds play in our diet. Grains, pseudocereals, legumes and nuts are all technically seeds. That means foods like...

By: Brandon Hall

These 5 Foods Will Improve Your Health

What you eat directly affects processes in your body that lead to aging and dysfunction. Improved body composition, mental clarity, sharper focus, and...

By: Jason Barbour

Denver Nuggets Strength Coach Steve Hess Explains How Basketball Players Should Eat

When it comes to the game of basketball at the highest competitive levels, it's much more than practice (place your Allen Iverson joke here). Basketball...

By: Roger Lockridge

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Healthy Food Suggestions from Phillip Buchanon

Former 1st-round pick Phillip Buchanon offers a list of healthy foods to fuel the body during training