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How to Prepare Your Body for Hot Weather Training

The school year is rapidly approaching, and so too is the start of football. Before you put the shoulder pads on, it's time to put down the electronics,...

By: Brett Singer

How to Protect Yourself From Heat Stroke This Summer

When you hear the word "stroke," you probably think, "happens to old people, not me." But heat stroke—a medical emergency where the body's core temp...

By: Dr. Mike Roizen and Dr. Mehmet Oz

Australian Open Meltdown: What Happens to an Athlete's Body in 110 Degree Heat?

Photo: AP Extreme heat has been the lead story of this year's Australian Open, with temperatures climbing north of 100 degrees Fahrenheit for four...

By: Brian Sabin

4 Hydration Rules for Football Players

Football on its own is demanding enough, but hot, humid summertime two-a-days make it even tougher. Players need to pay close attention to their hyd...

By: Skyword

How to Schedule Your Hydration

As the warmer weather of the spring approaches, so does outdoor activity. Rising temperatures are a pleasant break from the long winter; however, ...

By: Joe Giandonato