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5 Primal Exercises That Will Unleash Your Inner Beast

Feel like you want to unleash your inner animal? We've all been there. No matter what's stressing you out, intense exercise can help you blow o...

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Comedian Kevin Hart's Workout is No Joke

When fans think of Kevin Hart, they think of a very funny, very short comedian. Which isn't incorrect, since the 5-foot-4 Hart is always joking abou...

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Complete High Intensity Interval Training Program That Will Get You Strong and Fit

High intensity interval training is an extremely effective way to help prepare athletes for performance. Strength and speed training are important tools...

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Heavy Rope Workout for Big Gains

There is such a wide variety of training techniques and tools at our disposal to enhance our workouts and maximize the training effect. The heavy rope...

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Battle Rope Workout That Will Get You Shredded

The battle rope workout has become a staple in the fitness world. There is no secret as to why the military and world class athletes resort to battle...

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