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7 Reasons Why Your Bench Press Is Weak

Benjamin Franklin guaranteed two things in life: death and taxes. If good old Ben lived long enough to step inside a modern gym, he'd add a third...

By: Tony Bonvechio

Battle Growth Spurt Pain With These 3 Stretches

Are you or your young athletes experiencing growth spurt pain in the ankles or knees? Young athletes that are going through puberty will have rapid...

By: Ramon Williams

5 Basic Movements Every Young Athlete Needs to Learn Before Lifting Heavy Weight

Whether you're a trainer, a coach, or just an avid exerciser, you've more than likely seen a high school athlete in the weight room with a deadlift...

By: Travis Pollen

7 Tricep Push-Up Variations That Will Build Massive Arms

Tricep Pushups That Will Build Massive Arms By Jim Carpentier, CSCS Performing standard Pushups with your hands at shoulder-width will strengthen and...

By: Jim Carpentier

3 Steps to Big Hang Cleans

Over the years I have been convinced that Hang Cleans are a staple lift if you want to develop power and strength. Early on in my coaching career I...

By: Josh Williams

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Sprinting Strides With Olympic Sprinter Rodney Martin

Olympic sprinter Rodney Martin performs Strides as part of his on-track warm-up with coaching by Cedric Hill.