Herschel Walker

Legendary NFL running back Herschel Walker is known for his muscle mass, conditioning, power and strength. After a phenomenal college career during which he won the Heisman trophy in 1982, he dominated the NFL before retiring. Recently, he began training for a professional career in MMA. Even at his age, Walker is still in incredible shape. Let STACK show you the workout routines and exercises that help him battle father time and opponents in the MMA octagon.

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Get Fit With Herschel Walker's Power Circuit (Featuring Video)

Time-efficient conditioning workouts were the training foundation for Heisman Trophy winner and three-time NFL All-Pro running back Herschel Walke...

By: Zac Clark

Get Fit With Herschel Walker's Power Circuit

Time-efficient conditioning workouts are the training foundation for Heisman Trophy winner and three-time NFL All-Pro running back Herschel Walker. To...

By: Zac Clark

Build Strength, Speed and Endurance With Herschel Walker's Plate Carry Exercise

Long before he won the Heisman Trophy and became a star NFL running back, Herschel Walker developed an affinity for bodyweight exercises. What sta...

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Iron Sharpens Iron: Herschel Walker's MMA Training At D1-Savannah

You're never too old to learn something new, as Herschel Walker proved during his workout at D1-Savannah this past Saturday, May 14. In fact, Walk...

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D1 Sports Training Opens Savannah Facility

Just spreadin' the word to all y'all in the Peach State that D1 Sports Training and Therapy has officially opened the doors of its newest facility, ...

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Herschel Walker's MMA Workout

Learn about the exercises former NFL All-Pro RB and current MMA fighter Herschel Walker performs as part of his MMA Conditioning Circuit.

Herschel Walker Hip Activation Series

In this training video, Herschel Walker performs a series of Sidewinder Band Walks and Sled Pulls, exercises that help activate the hips and mimic the movements he performs in an MMA fight.

Herschel Walker on Being a D1 Athlete

Herschel Walker, a former NFL All-Pro, current MMA fighter and lifetime fitness enthusiast, talks about how training at D1 helps athletes gain a competitive edge on the playing field.

Herschel Walker's MMA Workout

Former NFL All-Pro running back-turned-MMA fighter Herschel Walker performs a circuit-style workout at D1 Sports Training in Savannah, Ga. Watch the Herschel Walker workout exclusively at STACK.com.

How Herschel Walker Discovered MMA

Former NFL All-Pro running back Herschel Walker discusses his martial arts background and explains how he discovered MMA.