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Justin Gatlin Reveals the No. 1 Sprinting Mistake Slowing Down Young Athletes

Father Time can't catch Justin Gatlin. The 35-year-old American sprinter may be one of the oldest athletes in his sport, but he's still chasing dow...

Short on Time? Try High-Rep Single Sets

Need a quick strength workout, but don't have an hour to spare? This is a problem many face at one point or another. You want to lift, but can't fit i...

Get Faster with High-Speed Treadmill Training

Improvements in sprinting speed have been manipulated through the use of various techniques and unique instruments over many decades. The high speed...

Increase Your Lacrosse Speed With Multi-Directional Exercises

A lacrosse player cradles the ball and jogs down the field in open space. As he approaches a defender, he suddenly jukes left and explodes...

ZSeries 10-Minute Workouts: Interval Sprints

Benefits Endurance Fat loss Difficulty Level High The Rundown If you want to get in shape and improve your endurance, jogging b...

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Jason McVeigh on Basketball Ankle Sprains

University of Tennessee head athletic trainer Jason McVeigh discusses different ankle sprains that can occur while playing basketball.

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