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4 Hip Flexor Stretches to Relieve Tight Hips

The most common complaint we hear from our members is "My hips are so tight." The response is always "Here, try this hip flexor stretch." Well why are...

By: Ryan Obernesser

A Treatment for Tight Hip Flexors That Works Better Than Stretching

It's no secret that more and more people are actually starting to pay attention to their cranky hip flexors. Since sitting has been dubbed "the new...

By: Skyler Zarndt

How J.J. Watt Keeps His Hamstrings Healthy

You're sprinting full speed and suddenly the back of your leg starts screaming in pain. You immediately know what the problem is. That damn hamstri...

By: Andy Haley

3 Reasons Why Runners Need to Lift Weights

Attention Runners! You need to lift! Runners, we need to talk. You, and yes, even myself have had the same thought. "I don't need to do any strength...

By: Chris Cooper

If You're Like Most Athletes, You Probably Have Weak Hips. Here's What That Means and How To Fix It

Hips are one of the most ambiguous terms in athletic performance. Tight hips, loose hips, strong hips, weak hips—these phrases get tossed around rid...

By: Brandon Hall

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Gordon Beckham Physioball Glute Bridge

Gordon Beckham, Chicago White Sox second baseman, performs the Physioball Glute Bridge during the off-season with coaching by Mike Berenger.

NFL Strength Training: Connor Barwin Band Hip Flexion

Connor Barwin, defensive end for the Houston Texans, performs the Band Hip Flexion with coaching by Clif Marshall.

Thomas Vanek Hip Flexor Band Pulls

NHL stud Thomas Vanek gives us a look into his off-season training at the University of Minnesota.

The Hip Flexor Stretch With Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning performs the Partner Hip Flexor Stretch with coaching by Will Bartholomew