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See hitting drills from the best players in baseball and the coaches who make them great. Baseball hitting drills develop consistency and add power to your swing. Learn from the pros who know!

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Improve Your Batting Average With Baseball Vision Training

Pitch Recognition Baseball Vision Training Almost all sports enthusiasts will agree that the most difficult thing to do in all of sports is to hit a...

By: Brian Smith

Mastering the Mental Side of How to Hit a Curveball

This is the year. This is the season when you finally learn how to hit a curveball. But better yet, you will be able to SEE the curveball right out of...

By: Dan Peterson

Fastpitch Hitting Drills for Beginners

There are many hitting drills out there. Some are great, some not so great. I have put together a complete guide to fastpitch hitting drills and tips to...

By: Courtney Hudson

'Squash the Bug' and Other Softball Batting Tips That Don't Work

From many years of playing, coaching, and watching softball from early ages to the college level, there have been 3 softball batting tips that are...

By: Courtney Hudson

3 Steps to Better In-Game Baseball Hitting

There are only three things that we teach our players to accomplish for game time baseball hitting. Yes there are many hitting philosophies, strengths,...

By: Brian Smith