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Perform the V-Stance Drill to Skate Faster

The "V­Stance Drill" is designed to teach a player how to find their maximal range of motion for knee bend and depth of center of gravity for an optimal...

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This Drill Helps You Develop Elite Skating Speed and Power

The "One Foot Stride, Two Foot Glide Drill" is the next evolution from the "One Foot Push, One Foot Glide Drill", where there is a momentary pause...

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Increase Skating Speed With the Foot Stomp Drill

A common inefficiency seen in many hockey players is what is known as the "heel kick", where the skate rises behind the player when recovering the...

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Perfect Your Glide Phase to Skate Faster

For the first instalment of our drills focused on developing linear forward stride technique, the "One Foot Push, One Foot Glide" Drill is used to...

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Improve Skating Acceleration With This Simple Drill

Credit for this exercise goes to our mentor, Peter Twist of Twist Sport Conditioning, former NHL Strength and Conditioning Coach. The Athletic Ready...

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Go behind the scenes with pro hockey stars Matt Greene and Kyle Clifford to see their secrets for warming-up and staying in shape.

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