Hockey Drills

Master the ice with powerful on-and-off ice drills used by today's top professional hockey players and coaches. This high-contact sport is characterized by short shifts of explosive strength, speed and agility followed by periods of rest. Push your game to the next level implement a training program that develops strength and stamina, and perform STACK expert approved drills aimed to perfect your skating, stick handling and shooting techniques.

Latest in Hockey Drills

NHL Star Zach Parise Reveals His Favorite Drill For Building Extreme Skating Speed

Minnesota Wild winger Zach Parise understands the importance of speed in the NHL. His ability to turn on the jets and beat defenders is a big reason w...

By: Brandon Hall

The Original Hockey Sauce Kit Makes Improving Your Passing Skills More Fun

There are only so many options for playing hockey. You need a sheet of ice, which comes at a cost, or the weather needs to be ideal for pond hockey. ...

By: Andy Haley

Hockey Defensemen Drills for Controlling the Puck While Skating Backwards

Puck control while skating backwards is a fundamental skill for defensemen, and all players alike, to master. One of the most common inefficiencies seen...

By: Apex Skating

Hockey Dribbling Drills for Better Hands

Dribbling is the primary means of controlling the puck when in motion; the movement requires good peripheral vision and the ability to control the puck...

By: Apex Skating

Improve Your Hockey Stickhandling and Shot Skills With This Cutting-Edge App From CCM

Most hockey players grow up shooting pucks and stickhandling in their driveways or basements. It's the easiest way to hone your skills, given that i...

By: Andy Haley

Latest Videos in Hockey Drills

Hockey Goalie T-Push

Pro hockey goalie Nathan Lawson demonstrates the T-Push, a technique used to stay square to the shooter.

Jordan Eberle's Triangle Drill

NFL forward Jordan Eberle performs the Triangle Drill to improve his quickness and reaction time during the off-season.

Hockey Goalie Breakaway Technique

NHL goalie Chad Johnson demonstrates the proper technique for making a save during a breakaway situation.

Jordan Eberle's Breakaway Technique

NHL right winger Jordan Eberle demonstrates his offensive breakaway technique on the ice.

Jordan Eberle's One-on-One Technique

NHL right winger Jordan Eberle breaks down one of his favorite offensive scoring techniques.