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Train Like a Pro: Henrik Zetterberg's Hockey Strength Workout

Henrik Zetterberg is one of the most dangerous offensive threats in the NHL. He uses his size to gain control of the puck along the boards and fight o...

By: Andy Haley

How to Train During Your Hockey Season

Few sports take as much of a toll on the body as ice-hockey. Requiring a demanding mixture of speed, strength, power and anaerobic endurance, hockey is...

By: Mike Mejia

Top 3 Hockey Training Mistakes

There are still some of you out there who make the biggest hockey training mistake of them all - - you don't do any off-ice training PERIOD. In that...

By: Maria Mountain

Hockey Players: Develop Strong Hips for a Powerful Skating Stride

Having an efficient and powerful stride demands adequate mobility (read: ability to move through a complete range of motion), stability through that...

By: Rich Thaw

6 Essential Exercises to Improve Your Skating Speed

Probably the most often question we get asked is: " What can I do to improve my skating speed?" Outside of non-physical traits of game sense and...

By: Doug Crashley