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Inside the Brutal Electrode-Enhanced Training System That's Taking the NHL by Storm

If you were to walk in on one of Zach Parise's off-ice workouts, you might think you had stumbled into a grotesque science experiment. The Minneso...

By: Brandon Hall

NHL Star Zach Parise Reveals His Favorite Drill For Building Extreme Skating Speed

Minnesota Wild winger Zach Parise understands the importance of speed in the NHL. His ability to turn on the jets and beat defenders is a big reason w...

By: Brandon Hall

Train Like a Pro: Henrik Zetterberg's Hockey Strength Workout

Henrik Zetterberg is one of the most dangerous offensive threats in the NHL. He uses his size to gain control of the puck along the boards and fight o...

By: Andy Haley

How to Train During Your Hockey Season

Few sports take as much of a toll on the body as ice-hockey. Requiring a demanding mixture of speed, strength, power and anaerobic endurance, hockey is...

By: Mike Mejia

Top 3 Hockey Training Mistakes

There are still some of you out there who make the biggest hockey training mistake of them all - - you don't do any off-ice training PERIOD. In that...

By: Maria Mountain

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Real Workouts: Henrik Zetterberg

In this installment of's "Real Workouts,” NHL star Henrik Zetterberg shows you a complete workout he performs to increase his skating speed, full-body strength and balance with Joe Neal of 2SP Athlete (Madison Heights, Mich.)

Jordan Eberle's Ab Circuit

NHL forward Jordan Eberle performs an ab circuit that builds his core strength and stability.

Jordan Eberle's Back Pulling Series

NHL forward Jordan Eberle performs two back exercises during the off-season to building his back strength and size.

Jordan Eberle's Full-Body Complex

NHL forward Jordan Eberle performs a full-body complex to build his strength and skating speed.

Nail Yakupov's Resisted Treadmill Sprint

NHL forward Nail Yakupov performs the Resisted Treadmill Sprint to increase his skating speed and muscular endurance.