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WATCH: Former MLB Player Luis Jimenez Trips Hard During Home Run Trot in Korea

Home runs electrify the crowd and give hitters the opportunity to take a victory lap around the bases while the fans rejoice in the glorious moment....

By: Dana Scott

MLB Bat Flips Have Been Happening For Way Longer Than You Think

When José Bautista tossed his bat into the stratosphere with the force of 1,000 men following a mammoth home run that catapulted the Toronto Blue...

By: Jordan Zirm

Kansas City Royals All-Star Catcher Salvador Perez Credits His Success to the Hot and Cold Tubs

CINCINNATI, Ohio — Kansas City Royals catcher Salvador Perez is just 25 years old, but the Venezuela native has already reached the All-Star game th...

By: Jordan Zirm

Fitness Fail Friday: Happy Birthday, America

No sport is more American than baseball. And nothing in the history of baseball has ever been more American than this glorious two-minute ejection...

By: Dustin Brady

Baseball Catcher Technique, Part 7: Backing Up Bases and Operating a Rundown

During a baseball game the catcher is involved in virtually every play. The baseball catcher drills for backing up bases takes hustle, and knowing where...

By: Brian Smith