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Competitive Eater Matt Stonie Crushed a Humongous 7,700-Calorie Bowl of Cereal

It's amazing how much food a human body can hold—especially when it's enough food to feed the whole neighborhood. Leave it up to none other than c...

By: Rob Scott

Break Through A Training Plateau With Resistance Bands

Everyone begins the New Year with a resolution to get in better shape. To accelerate gains in strength, and break through last years' training plateau...

By: Sean Cromarty

Intermittent Fasting: Secrets of Success

Intermittent fasting is not just a diet plan. It's a lifestyle change. It's based on the idea that the human body isn't designed for three full me...

By: Scott Abramouski

Symptoms of a Pulled Muscle

Have you ever thought about the complexity of the human body? The bone structure acts as a frame upon which the skin, muscles and organs rest. Muscl...

By: Humphrey Omondi

BPA: Health Hazard In Your Water Bottle?

Regularly taking swigs from the team's water cooler or water bottle? It may not be as beneficial to your health as you think. In the heat of summ...

By: Skyword