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These 8 Calorie-Dense Foods Provide All-Day Energy

Having enough energy as an athlete is a major key to helping you perform better on the field. As an athlete, your energy needs are higher. Not only do...

By: Rob Scott

Try Banza for a High-Protein Pasta Alternative

Try Banza™for a High-Protein Pasta Alternative Chickpeas are most frequently recognized as the main ingredient in hummus, but did you know they can b

By: Esther Matus

Healthy Snack Recipes for Hungry Athletes

Snack Ideas for The Hungry Athlete As an athlete, you train and work hard, needing an almost constant supply of energy to perform at the top of your...

By: Sara Haas

Easy Gluten-Free Meals for Athletes

Is Going Gluten Free for You? A Sample Menu Plan for Gluten Free Athletes (Gluten Allergies) Amy Jamieson-Petonic Working with athletes, I often get...

By: Amy Jamieson-Petonic

Foods for Athletes: Top Trends for 2014

  The "A" list of foods for Athletes in 2014 Amy Jamieson-Petonic 12/18/13   With a new year, comes a new list of "it foods" for athletes to add to...

By: Amy Jamieson-Petonic