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Sceptre's New Sound Bar Transforms Your HDTV Into a Smart TV

Want a smart TV that lets you connect to Netflix, Pandora and YouTube, but don't want to fork over a grand or more for a new TV? Scepter's new sound...

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Make Way for the Samsung Galaxy Music

The new Samsung Galaxy Music, already being dubbed the disco phone, should be perfect for people who can't live without their favorite playlists but...

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Sony Xperia TL: James Bond Approved

Sony's newest flagship Android, the Sony Xperia TL, was recently unveiled at the International Franchise Association's 2012 conference, gaining in...

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Sony Xperia GX Is Finally on Its Way

Sony has finally announced the launch, some time later this summer, of its latest Android phone, the Xperia GX. Unfortunately, the mysterious new ph...

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Sony Xperia S Better With Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Sony's flagship smartphone, the Xperia S, is finally getting the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update. What's so hot about this phone? And can it com...

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