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Remote Controlled Dummies Help Indianapolis Colts Punt Returners Concentrate

One of the most nerve-racking positions in football has to be punt returner. What is scarier than moving alone to catch a ball a mile in the air whi...

By: Rob Scott

The Off-Season Workouts That Helped Antonio Cromartie Get Signed By the Colts

NFL cornerback Antonio Cromartie recently signed with the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts' defense desperately needed help, and they are hoping that t...

By: Rob Scott

Why 33-Year Old Frank Gore Can't Wait to Get Hit

"Be the hammer, not the nail" is a common saying when in football. Instead of getting hit, players should want to deliver the  blow. But that's not...

By: Rob Scott

Andrew Luck Reveals the 'Nerdiest' Purchase He Will Make After New Contract

When athletes sign new contracts, you imagine them going out and buying a fast car, a huge mansion or some flashy jewelry. Well, Indianapolis Colts ...

By: Rob Scott

5 NFL Players Who Got Cut Before They Became Stars

The NFL off-season is upon us, and roster moves have been happening at a rapid pace. Big splash free-agent signings attract the most headlines, bu...

By: Brandon Hall