Injury Recovery

No athlete wants to be injured, but if you suffer a setback, it's crucial that you approach recovery the right way. We've got tips on how to rehab an injury, supplements you can take to speed the process, and motivational quotes and tips from pros who have suffered through their own injuries. Don't just sit on the sideline—let STACK help prepare you to get back in the game.

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3 Ways Your Diet Can Help Injuries Heal Faster

Injuries are unfortunately an often unavoidable part of sport. From minor strains to major surgeries you have specific nutrition needs that need to be...

By: Joel Totoro

Your Complete Guide to Recovering From an ACL Tear

You can't completely prevent a torn ACL, but you CAN decrease the incidence of non-contact injuries and reinjuries. When an athlete throws their body...

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Prevent Repeated Muscle Strains and Tears

Every sports fan gets frustrated by that player on his/her favorite team who gets a muscle injury again and again. The cycle goes like this: muscle or...

By: Thomas Feeney

5 Injured NFL Stars Destined For Big Comebacks in 2016

The National Football League is a "what have you done for me lately?" business. Superstar players can fall from famous to forgotten rather quickly. ...

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Dolphins Center Mike Pouncey's Off-Season Training Includes Pushing a Monster Truck

Just three months following surgery, Dolphins center Mike Pouncey is already moving monster trucks. This off-season, the three-time Pro Bowler ha...

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Rebuilding a Champion: Carson Palmer's Grueling ACL Rehab

Pro Bowl QB Carson Palmer spent his off-season rehabbing from his second ACL surgery in hopes of making one last run at a Super Bowl championship. Tune in to see how he got his surgically repaired knee NFL-ready.

Rebuilding a Champion: Carson Palmer's Long Road Back from Injury

Pro Bowl quarterback Carson Palmer is battling back from his second torn ACL for one more shot at a Super Bowl title. Watch how hard he's working to get his knee, his skills and his conditioning back to elite form.

Rebuilding a Champion: How Carson Palmer Worked Himself Back into Playing Shape

Pro Bowl QB Carson Palmer endured rigorous workouts at Prolific Athletes in Carlsbard, California this off-season in an effort to get his strength and conditioning back to elite levels following his return from last season's ACL surgery.

Rebuiding a Champion: Carson Palmer Refines His Elite QB Skills

In addition to strengthening his knee and getting fit, Pro Bowl QB Carson Palmer dedicated himself to the fundamental skills of the QB position during his return from ACL surgery with the help of cutting-edge drills from his brother Jordan Palmer.

D1 and Beacon Orthopaedics Partnership

Dr. Tim Kremchek talks about D1's partnership with Beacon Orthopaedics to help the athletes they work with prevent injuries while training harder.