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Science Says This Is the Absolute Best Time of Day to Work Out

At this very second, trillions of clocks inside your body are ticking away. Their job is to keep track of time and optimize your body to stay in sy...

By: Brandon Hall

Will a 2-Week Break From Training Ruin Your Strength?

Athletes spend months building a foundation of muscle and strength only to see it wither away when a vacation, injury, or unexpected time off occurs....

By: Jake Tuura

Inside the Brutal Electrode-Enhanced Training System That's Taking the NHL by Storm

If you were to walk in on one of Zach Parise's off-ice workouts, you might think you had stumbled into a grotesque science experiment. The Minneso...

By: Brandon Hall

Tart Cherry Juice: A Superfood for Athletes?

Tart cherry juice the sports nutrition super food that can help speed up your recovery and preserve strength gains. Tart cherries are rich in compounds...

By: Erick Avila

2013 NFL Combine Workouts at IMG Academy

The NFL Combine is right around the corner, and that means hundreds of young prospects are training to wow scouts and improve their draft stock th...

By: Jordan Zirm