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Why Intense Workouts Make People Throw Up (And How to Prevent It)

My hockey team had just gotten blown out by a team we should've beaten. It was a terrible performance all around. Based on our coach's "speech" in ...

By: Andy Haley

The Workout You Need to Do Before INSANITY

Chiseled abs. Glistening sweat on fit, hard bodies. Brutal workouts led by a barking—yet somehow affable—drill instructor. You may have seen all...

By: Andy Haley

2 Full-Body Workouts to Start Your Off-Season Football Training

Football season may have just ended, but it's never too early to start thinking about your off-season strength and conditioning goals. After giving ...

By: Jim Carpentier

Mental Toughness Endurance Training

Mental toughness can be improved through training, just like speed, power and agility. One technique is to prepare for the discomfort you will inevita...

By: STACK Staff

How Duke Soccer Works Their Quickness

Just because an athlete looks quick doesn't necessarily mean he is. Jeff Howser, speed coach for Duke's men's and women's soccer teams, explains: "...

By: Chad Zimmerman