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8-Year-Old Panthers Fan Sent Cam Newton a Letter and Paper Trophy To Cheer Him Up

It's been only a few days since the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. For the Broncos, it has been a glorious week of para...

By: Rob Scott

WATCH: Cam Newton Interviews Teammates in Hilarious GoPro Footage

Last night was "opening night" at Super Bowl 50, and the Carolina Panthers were strapped with GoPro cameras to document the event. You might im...

By: Annie Koeblitz

Cam Newton Answered This Weird Interview Question at the 2011 NFL Combine in the Best Way Possible

It's become a fun practice to ask NFL prospects about the weirdest questions asked of them during team interviews at the NFL Combine. Geno Atkins said...

By: Jordan Zirm

Jim Harbaugh's Keys to Staying Healthy: Sleep, Milk and Lots of Steak

Michigan Wolverines head football coach Jim Harbaugh is an interesting dude. He wears khakis during every single moment of his waking life (appare...

By: Jordan Zirm

Marlon Brando Documentary 'Listen to Me Marlon' Coming Soon

A revealing new documentary about the mysterious and eccentric actor Marlon Brando, titled Listen to Me Marlon, premieres later this month. Whether...

By: SkywordNews

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Larry Sanders: Converse Athlete From the Beginning

Once made fun of for wearing Chuck Taylor sneakers, Milwaukee Bucks forward Larry Sanders is now the face of Converse basketball.

Sprinters Rodney Martin and Leroy Dixon: War of Words

Friends and former teammates Rodney Martin and Leroy Dixon present their cases for who is the better sprinter.

What Makes Philip Rivers One of the NFL's Best?

San Diego Chargers Pro Bowl QB Philip Rivers explains what he believes are his biggest weapons on the field.

How Philip Rivers Manages Highs and Lows

San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers talks about how he has kept an even keel from game to game throughout his Pro Bowl career.

Pre-Snap Reads With Philip Rivers

In this football training video, Philip Rivers, Pro Bowl QB for the San Diego Chargers, offers a step-by-step analysis of his pre-snap thought process.