Iron Deficiency

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5 Most Common Nutritional Deficiencies in Athletes

Nutritional deficiencies can negatively affect how athletes perform. STACK talked to sports dietician Leslie Bonci to find out which macronutrients at...

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5 Endurance Supplements That Effectively Boost Your Stamina

Endurance athletics requires a fine balance of strength and endurance that can only be achieved by years of strategic training and dieting. Endurance...

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The Mineral Most Athletes Need More Of in Their Diets

Iron is a mineral found in the diet, that plays several important roles for both general health and athletics. Iron assists in the production of ATP,...

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Keep Iron Levels High for Optimum Performance

Low iron levels are fairly common among distance runners, but what does this really mean? Iron deficiency, or anemia, is a condition is which t...

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What's Missing From the Female Athlete's Diet, Part 2: Iron

In 2010, Paula Findley became the only female triathlete to win consecutive ITU World Championship Series events. However in the 2012 London Olympics...

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