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Why Endurance Athletes Need to Deadlift

If you are an endurance athlete, you may think that continuing to practice a particular event for prolonged periods of time will get you to where you...

By: George Kalantzis

Will 'Captain America 3' Be Better Than Its Predecessors?

If Anthony Mackie is to be believed, the upcoming Captain America sequel will be the best in the series thus far. It isn't hard to assume that America's...

By: SkywordNews

'Thor 3' Gets a Director and a Title

Exciting details are emerging about the upcoming Thor 3. Word is out that Taika Waititi is negotiating to direct this third installment of the popular...

By: SkywordNews

The Hulk Won't Appear in 'Captain America: Civil War'

The Hulk was noticeably absent from recently released promotional art featuring the teams of Captain America and Iron Man in the upcoming franchise ex...

By: SkywordNews

Who Will Be on Captain America's Side in 'Civil War'?

When Civil War rolls into theaters in the spring, and it's once again up to Captain America to save the day, some of the disagreements that first aros...

By: SkywordNews