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Don't Foam Roll Your IT Band. Do This Instead.

Have you ever foam rolled your IT band to relieve knee pain, hip pain or general discomfort in your upper leg? If so, you're not alone. Foam rolling t...

By: Andy Haley

Build an Effective Workout With This 8-Step Blueprint

I developed The Perfect Workout Regimen for myself and my patients that are looking to get in better shape and lose weight are based off a very simple...

By: Matt Tanneberg

Stretch for Success: Techniques for Runners

Traditionally we've been led to believe that stretching is a requirement before any athletic activity. But this may not be true for elite runners. (...

By: Dan Hutchison

Why Hip Strengthening Is Essential For Female Athletes

Today's female athletes have worked hard to narrow the gender gap. Setting records, making jaw-dropping plays and training at high intensity are j...

By: Mo Skelton

STACK's Yoga for Athletes: The Perfect Warm-Up/Cool-Down

Yogi Rebecca Pacheco (meet Rebecca) kicks off STACK's Yoga for Athletes series with the basics. Although her first routine is entitled "Yoga for Run...

By: Samantha Jones