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Build an Effective Workout With This 8-Step Blueprint

I developed The Perfect Workout Regimen for myself and my patients that are looking to get in better shape and lose weight are based off a very simple...

By: Matt Tanneberg

Stretch for Success: Techniques for Runners

Traditionally we've been led to believe that stretching is a requirement before any athletic activity. But this may not be true for elite runners. (...

By: Dan Hutchison

Why Hip Strengthening Is Essential For Female Athletes

Today's female athletes have worked hard to narrow the gender gap. Setting records, making jaw-dropping plays and training at high intensity are j...

By: Mo Skelton

STACK's Yoga for Athletes: The Perfect Warm-Up/Cool-Down

Yogi Rebecca Pacheco (meet Rebecca) kicks off STACK's Yoga for Athletes series with the basics. Although her first routine is entitled "Yoga for Run...

By: Samantha Jones

Enhance Flexibility and Reduce Post-Exercise Pain

Massage breaks up tightness within muscles by applying pressure from different angles. It is great for helping muscles recover, improving mobility a...

By: Andy Haley