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The Nutrition Bar That's Powering Elite Tennis Players

Tennis is a physically grueling sport. Each point has several explosive swings and sprints with only brief periods of recovery. And for a pro tennis...

By: Andy Haley

Tales of Inspiration: James Blake

When considering tennis star James Blake's life in 2004, it's easy to recall a scene from the film Young Frankenstein. Igor and Dr. Frankenstein are ...

By: STACK Staff

James Blake on Fueling Up

For James Blake—the eighth-best player in the tennis world—dishing out a powerful forehand requires monster energy. Read on to learn how he fuels ...

By: Sarah Gearhart

Interview with James Blake

Last December, American tennis star James Blake, along with Andy Roddick and the Bryan brothers, brought the Davis Cup back home for the first time in...

By: Josh Staph

James Blake's On-Court Speed Drill for Tennis

By Josh Staph James Blake's opponents finally get the picture. They've learned never to assume that the 6'1" speedster is out of a point. The fastes...

By: Josh Staph

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Pro tennis player James Blake hosts the Thinking Beyond Borders Fundraiser and Charity Auction in Fairfield, Conn.

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U.S. tennis star James Blake talks about his path to becoming a top world-ranked professional tennis player.

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U.S. tennis star James Blake talks about how he wants to be remembered when his playing career is over.

James Blake on Writing His Book

U.S. tennis star James Blake talks about the idea behind writing his book: "Breaking Back: How I Lost Everything and Won Back My Life."

Why You Need to Be a Multi-Sport Athlete With James Blake

U.S. tennis star James Blake discusses why he thinks participating in sports is beneficial for all young people.