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James Harrison's Behind-the-Back Clapping Push-Ups Are His Most Insane Fitness Feat Yet

James Harrison is stupid strong. The 39-year-old Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker essentially lives inside the weight room and he's made a habit of s...

By: Brandon Hall

James Harrison Is Now Hip Thrusting Almost 700 Pounds, And The Entire NFL Should Be Terrified

We get it, James Harrison—you work out. Earlier today, the Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker posted yet another insane training video, which shows ...

By: Brandon Hall

James Harrison Pushed a Sled With 1,395 Pounds On it, Reached a New Level of Workout Insanity

James Harrison is 38 years old and about to enter his 15th season in the NFL. The Pittsburgh Steelers fearsome linebacker has doled out 567 tackles an...

By: Jordan Zirm

James Harrison Won't Retire 'Anytime Soon,' Continues to be an Ageless Wonder

James Harrison might never stop playing football. The 38-year-old Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker is the oldest defensive player in the NFL, but tha...

By: Brandon Hall

James Harrison Destroyed Leg Day Hours After Dominating an NFL Playoff Game

Yesterday, the Pittsburgh Steelers walloped the Miami Dolphins 30-12 in the NFL Wild Card round. The players battled frigid conditions, as the win...

By: Brandon Hall

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James Harrison on His Training Evolution

Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker James Harrison discusses how his training has changed throughout his career.