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WATCH: Guy With No Marathon Experience Completes a 50-Mile Race While Wearing Jean Shorts and Drinking Beer

Getting your body in shape to run a marathon takes a lot of work. Normally, an average Joe wouldn't wake up and say, "hey, I think I'm going to run ...

Series 'Gypsy' in the Works at Netflix

Netflix has ordered 10 episodes of an intriguing new series titled Gypsy, described as a sexy psychological thriller. This one-hour drama from Universal...

WATCH: Bro in Jeans Deadlifts 505 Pounds and Supersets With Backflips

Have you ever been on the way to the supermarket, walked past a gym and thought, "Oh, I better get my swole on?" No? Well, this bro has. At least th...

Watch Shaq Ride a Huge Bike with 3-Foot-Tall Wheels

Being tall can sometimes make life difficult. For instance, tall people are bad at the limbo, they're constantly bombarded with stupid and annoying ...

Emma Stone Takes on Steve Carell in Tennis Flick 'Battle of the Sexes'

Emma Stone will portray tennis great Billie Jean King in the sports comedy Battle of the Sexes. Steve Carell will play the role of retired Wimbledon c...

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