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Nutrition Plan for Football

Eating is just as much a part of training as lifting, running and learning plays. Whether you're a quarterback or a lineman, you need to fuel adequate...

By: STACK Staff

Cooking for the Cavs: Team Chef Shows How LeBron & Co. Fueled Throughout the Finals

Feeding the athletic, calorie-burning behemoths who make up an NBA roster is no easy task. Just ask Terry Bell, team chef for the Cleveland Cavali...

By: Brandon Hall

6 Best On-the-Go Snacks for Runners

Runners need convenient snacks. Whether you carry something during your run and eat it on the go, or you need something to throw it your bag befor...

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6 Healthy Foods You're Overeating

When you find a food that's somehow both healthy and delicious, it's easy to get addicted. It's not often the foods you want to eat overlap with t...

By: Brandon Hall

A Buffalo Meat Protein Bar? STACK Reviews the Tanka Onnit Warrior Bar

There's isn't a ton of variety out there when it comes to protein bars. Most are chocolaty, chalky bricks that are more of a pain to eat than a pl...

By: Brandon Hall