Jimmy Rollins

Jimmy Rollins has built his career around being fundamentally sound on the diamond. Learn about drills aimed at improving infield defense, exercises that build muscle and explosiveness, and tips for improving your batting, all on STACK.

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Jimmy Rollins Harnesses the Power of the Hitter's Count

It's hard to believe that 10 years ago, a shortstop led all of Major League Baseball in home runs. In 2002, 27-year-old SS Alex Rodriguez smash...

By: Zac Clark

The Training Behind the MLB Divisional Series: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Phillies

STACK will be providing one-of-a-kind coverage leading up to and during the 2011 MLB Playoffs. Here, we preview the National League Divisional Series...

By: Zac Clark

Cut Down on Strikeouts With a Hitting Drill From Jimmy Rollins

Stuck in a batting slump? Tired of hitting dribblers back to the pitcher or missing everything you swing at? Try the Single-Arm Soft Toss, a hitting d...

By: Dustin Brady

Live Batting Practice Beats Batting Cages

Going to the batting cages seems to be an American pastime in its own right. Most Little Leaguers remember going to the batting cages to work on their...

By: Joe Baur

Exercise of the Week: Kettlebell Swings

According to research performed by Dr. John Porcari, fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, your body works as hard doing kettlebell exerc...

By: Andy Haley