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Did J.J. Watt's Younger Brother T.J. Outperform Him at the NFL Combine?

The Watt family is freakishly athletic, to say the least. Two of the three brothers are already in the NFL and the youngest brother, T.J.,  is a to...

By: Andy Haley

Why J.J. Watt Doesn't Want You to Play Just One Sport

J.J. Watt has strong opinions about young athletes specializing in one sport. The Houston Texans defensive end took to Twitter last night to share...

By: Brandon Hall

J.J. Watt Flew More Than 20 of His Teammates to His Private Cabin to Train Together

What do you do when you have your own private cabin with 35 acres of land and an entire off-season ahead of you? Invite your teammates and get your wo...

By: Jordan Zirm

WATCH: Four Days After Being Cleared for Training, J.J. Watt is Already Throwing Down Monstrous Dunks

If the NFL is full of athletic freaks, how exactly does one categorize J.J. Watt? The Texans' defensive end is the freakiest of the freaks. The...

By: Brandon Hall

A Bunch of J. J. Watt's Fans Want to Help Him 'Rehab' His Groin Injury

J. J. Watt has a legion of passionate fans. But after a recent tweet from the Texans' superstar, I'd venture to say some of them are a little "too p...

By: Brandon Hall