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Build a Better Baseball Body With Joe Mauer's Workout

Like most athletes, All-Star Minnesota Twins first baseman Joe Mauer used to believe that success in the weight room comes by pushing as much weight a...

By: Josh Staph

Joe Mauer's Secret to Long-Term Success

With a loud "thwack," a baseball leaps off Joe Mauer's bat and climbs through the crisp morning air. About 380 feet later, the ball clears the outfie...

By: Josh Staph

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Joe Mauer's On-Field Baseball Skill Development

Minnesota Twins All-Star Joe Mauer goes through his on-field baseball training regimen and discusses the key drills he's been performing to successfully make the switch from catcher to first baseman and to dominate at the plate this season.

Joe Mauer's Inspiring Path to Becoming an MLB All-Star

Minnesota Twins All-Star Joe Mauer talks about how his early years as an athlete shaped him and propelled him to MLB success.

Joe Mauer Talks Baseball Nutrition

Minnesota Twins 1B Joe Mauer discusses his approach to nutrition and how he fuels his body on game days.

AL MVP Joe Mauer on Playing for His Hometown

Minnesota Twins catcher and American League MVP Joe Mauer talks about what life is like playing for his hometown team and how he had to make sacrifices and give up other sports to pursue his dream of playing in the majors.

Quick Q's With Joe Mauer

American League MVP Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins is put on the spot and shares with STACK some of his favorite flicks, what's in his fridge, what's playing on his iPod, and who was the mystery celebrity that visited the clubhouse.