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Johnny Manziel Looks Strong and Fast in His Latest Workout With Odell Beckham Jr.

Earlier this year, former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel started working out again, saying he was out to make an NFL comeback. Although h...

By: Rob Scott

Johnny Manziel Is Training With Odell Beckham Jr., Still Focused on Making an NFL Comeback

#ComebackSZN rolls on for Johnny Manziel as he attempts to work his way back into the NFL. In February, we detailed how Manziel was training at The...

By: Brandon Hall

Johnny Manziel Deadlifts 400+ Pounds, Proves His Comeback is Legit

#ComebackSZN is in full swing for Johnny Manziel. The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner fizzled out of the NFL after two seasons due to attitude issues an...

By: Brandon Hall

KD and 7 Other Pro Athletes Who Went From Fan Favorite to Villain

On July 4th, 2016, Kevin Durant became hated. Not only did he opt to abandon a small-market franchise in a city that adored him, but he did so to j...

By: Brandon Hall