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BBQ Restaurant Offers Rougned Odor Free Food For Life for Punching José Bautista

When Texas Rangers second baseman Rougned Odor punched Toronto Blue Jays outfielder José Bautista during Sunday's game, fans knew that Odor would...

By: Rob Scott

Raptors' DeMarre Carroll Tells José Bautista He Has His Back if There's Ever Another Fight

No one was expecting a huge brawl during Sunday's matchup between the Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers. But as soon as Rangers second baseman R...

By: Rob Scott

LOOK: Texas Rangers Fan Creates T-Shirt Depicting Rangers-Blue Jays Brawl

The brawl between the Texas Rangers and the Toronto Blue Jays was the MLB story of the weekend. It was such a big deal in Texas that a Rangers fan c...

By: Cameron Fields

WATCH: The Phillie Phanatic Somehow Crushes Jose Bautista in a One-Arm Push-Up Contest

Ah, MLB Spring Training. A time to get your swing right, bust out the sunflower seeds and challenge the opposing team's mascot to a fitness contest....

By: Jordan Zirm

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José Bautista’s Med Ball Series for Hitting Power

Three-time Silver Slugger José Bautista performs a series of medicine ball exercises that build the rotational power and technique needed to smash home runs.

José Bautista’s Superset for Maintaining Shoulder Health

MLB All-Star right fielder José Bautista builds shoulder strength and stability with Half-Kneeling Kettlebell Rotations and Pull-Up Hangs, which reduce his risk of a shoulder injury during the baseball season.

How José Bautista Builds Lower-Body Power

José Bautista, six-time MLB All-Star right fielder, performs Kettlebell Swings during his off-season workout with strength coach Ryan Bruggeman. This exercise develops his glutes, which provide the power for hitting and throwing.

How José Bautista Warms Up For His Workouts

Six-time MLB All-Star José Bautista warms up his body and corrects imbalances before an intense workout with strength coach Ryan Bruggeman.

José Bautista Attacks His Off-Season Training

José Bautista, six-time MLB All-Star right fielder, builds his swing and throwing power during a grueling off-season workout with strength coach Ryan Bruggeman.