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Falcons Receiver Julio Jones Thinks No One in the NFL Can Guard Him One-On-One

When Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones isn't dealing with injuries, the 4-time Pro Bowler is nearly impossible to stop. As he himself says,...

By: Rob Scott

Patriots DB Malcolm Butler Has Wanted to Cover Julio Jones For 4 Years. Will Finally Get His Shot

The last time the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons played each other, Patriots star cornerback Malcolm Butler was still in college, busy cover...

By: Jordan Zirm

Uncovered Video Shows Richard Sherman Explaining How He Gets Away With Pass Interference

On Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons were attempting a fourth-quarter comeback against the Seattle Seahawks. It was fourth and 10 with time ticking down. Fa...

By: Rob Scott

The 2015 NFL Season Edition of 'Bad Lip Reading' Is Finally Here

Tom Brady used to shave his furry ankles. A. J. McCaron wanted a teammate to lick his elbow wound. And we finally found out that Dan Quinn was, in...

By: Jordan Zirm

We Asked Terrell Owens Who He Thinks Is the Best Receiver in the NFL. His Answer Might Surprise You

The NFL is enjoying a golden age of wide receivers. The talent at the position is nothing short of astounding, and the numbers posted by wide receiv...

By: Brandon Hall