Justin Upton

MLB outfielder Justin Upton is as dynamic and explosive a baseball player as there is in the game. Learn about his baseball workout routine, weightlifting exercises and agility drills to help build leg power, quickness and endurance on the diamond, all right here on STACK.

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Justin Upton's MVP-Worthy Workout, Part 2

After being shut down for the final month of the 2010 season with a small labrum tear in his left shoulder, Justin Upton made it his training priority...

By: Zac Clark

Justin Upton's MVP-Worthy Workout, Part 1

Justin Upton has always possessed MVP potential, but this year the Arizona Diamondbacks right fielder is living up to the hype and registering an MVP-...

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Stay Loose and Ready With Dynamic Stretching

From your first day in gym class, static stretching was a staple for activity. Gym teachers everywhere instructed students to touch their toes before ...

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Exercise of the Week: Conditioning Gauntlet

The Conditioning Gauntlet is an end-of-practice conditioning drill that's appropriate for almost every sport. The goal is to completely tax your energ...

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Strength Endurance Training With Justin Upton

Some athletes settle for fluke feats. Legends seek and sustain excellence. Athletic greatness is measured by an individual's ability to perform at ...

By: Zac Clark