Kemba Walker

Point guard Kemba Walker won a National Championship for UConn before entering the NBA Draft, where he's proven that he's a natural leader. Walker's speedy ball handling, clutch shooting and intense work ethic make him a valuable member of Under Armour Basketball. Learn more about how Walker trains in our library of STACK content.

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Kemba Walker Danced After Shooting a 3-Pointer. The Ball Never Went In.

One of the most badass moves in basketball is also one of the riskiest. It takes an unwavering confidence in your shot to turn your back to the basket...

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Kemba Walker Shares His Biggest Eating Mistake, and How He Fixed It

Now in his fourth year with the Charlotte Bobcats-turned-Hornets, Kemba Walker has erased any skepticism about whether he can succeed in the NBA. ...

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Under Armour Basketball Sneakers Christmas Colorway Preview

After months of negotiations and debate, a truncated NBA season will finally tip off on Christmas Day. Players are rounding into shape while coaches a...

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Walker, Williams, Jennings Sound Off: "Are You From Here?"

Under Armour Basketball's "Are You From Here?" campaign just released another video starring their crew of Kemba Walker, Derrick Williams and Brandon ...

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Under Armour's "Are You From Here?": Kemba Walker's Bronx Roots

Former UConn national champ and newly-drafted Charlotte Bobcats point guard Kemba Walker made noise even before he got to college. Years ago, his tale...

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