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Build Strength and Power With This Complete Kettlebell Program

A kettlebell workout program can be a great tool to bring your strength and power to the next level. Kettlebells are typically used for shoulder...

By: John Cissik

Kettlebell Workouts to Lose Fat, Improve Work Capacity and Build Muscle

When it comes to kettebells, people look at them as if they were staring at a mythical creature. Sure, kettlebell swings have become more popular as a...

By: James Darley

Pitchers: Prevent Shoulder Injuries With Kettlebell Exercises kettlebell exercises for pitchers Baseball players especially pitchers need to worry about their shoulders....

By: Rick Scarpulla

2 Intense Kettlebell Workouts for Women

Kettlebell Workouts for Women There are no better tools for training than human body than the body by itself and the body with a kettlebell or two! But...

By: Joe DiStefano

Short on Time? Try This Kettlebell Workout

Two and a half minutes isn't much time.  If you use it wisely, however, you can get a great training stimulus and boost your level of strength and...

By: Steven Trolio

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AJ Hawk Kettlebell Strength Circuit

NFL Pro Bowl linebacker AJ Hawk works through a Kettlebell Circuit to improve leg strength.