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With Teeth Still Loose From Holly Holm's Knockout Kick, Ronda Rousey Can't Eat Apples—Much Less Fight—For Months

Ronda Rousey examines her mouth during her fight with Holly Holm. ESPN The Magazine this week posted an exclusive interview with Ronda Rousey, th...

By: STACK Staff

Get Strong Hands and Forearms With This Grip Strength Workout

Grip Strength Workout In the vast majority of sports, grip strength (to include hand strength, in general), plays a vital role to the athlete's overall...

By: Ryan Hoover

Greene's Lantern: Why Kickboxing Kicks Butt for Basketball Players

The holidays are over, and I'm forced to get back to reality—and back in shape. After a couple of weeks of celebrations and plenty of sweet pota...

By: Kalana Greene

How Much Conditioning Do You Really Need?

The music is blaring the weights are flying, people are yelling and screaming either from the pain or to get each other motivated to keep going and in...

By: Rob DeCillis

How Kickboxing Can Improve Your Game

When you hear the term kickboxing many people will think about punching and kicking. There is a lot more to kickboxing than just throwing punches and...

By: Brian Smith