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How to Get Faster With Step-Ups

Historically, I'll be honest in saying that I have always advocated against any speed drill that preached more hip flexion or "knee lift," aside from...

By: Travis Hansen

You're Probably Screwing Up The Basic Athletic Stance. Learn How to Fix It

Sometimes, even advanced athletes screw up the most basic skills. Every athlete is taught the athletic position at some point. It might've been whe...

By: Andy Haley

Powerskating Playbook with Apex Skating: Learn a Proper Knee Bend to Skate Faster

Developing a strong knee bend is crucial to becoming a game­changing skater. Not only does it assist in maintaining optimal posture for injury...

By: Apex Skating

Avoid Basketball Knee Injuries With These 3 Drills

Avoiding basketball knee injuries is an integral part of any basketball strength and conditioning program. Many times these items can be avoided as they...

By: Miguel Aragoncillo

Holiday Wish List: DonJoy WEBTECH Knee Brace Provides More Support with Less Bulk

Having previously torn my PCL, I've tried a lot of different knee braces. Carbon fiber braces worn by a lot of football players offer the most sup...

By: Andy Haley