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Prevent ACL Injuries in Women's Basketball with a Two-Step Deceleration Drill

There are several reasons why a female basketball player has a 50 percent greater likelihood of suffering a non-contact Anterior Cruciate Ligament (AC...

By: Dave Schmitz

2 Agility Drills for Basketball Quickness

Agility is based on a fast change of direction, but no matter how fast your car is... if you don't have good brakes you are gonna crash. Same goes for a...

By: Tony Duckwall

6 Simple Tips to Prevent Knee Injuries

Tips for Preventing Knee Injuries During the New School Sports Year By Jim Carpentier, CSCS Watching an athlete grab their painful knee on the turf,...

By: Jim Carpentier

Strengthening Exercises to Reduce Knee Pain

Stronger hips may lead to less knee pain We ask the knee joint to function as a dynamic stabilizer allowing for force production and transmission from...

By: Stephen Gamma

How to Prevent Pre-Season Injuries, Part 2: ACL Exercises

One of the things athletes fear most is suffering an ACL injury. ACL tears are devastating. They can immediately change an entire season. The injure...

By: Mo Skelton