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Don't Foam Roll Your IT Band. Do This Instead.

Have you ever foam rolled your IT band to relieve knee pain, hip pain or general discomfort in your upper leg? If so, you're not alone. Foam rolling t...

By: Andy Haley

The Muscles in Your Butt Might Be Dead. Here's How to Find Out (and Revive Them)

If we had to choose one muscle group to train, it would have to be our glutes. And not just to create nice butts. The glutes are the largest, most p...

By: Andy Haley

Fix Your Lunge to Get Stronger and Prevent Knee Pain

One of the most notorious knee pounding exercises in any athletes training program is the traditional alternating forward lunge. Though the lunge is...

By: John Rusin

How to Prevent In-Season Volleyball Injuries

As with any repetitive motion, overuse inquires can and most likely will happen. These volleyball injuries are common and need to be understood, along...

By: Jason Arnold

Why Strengthening This Muscle May Fix Knee Pain

A big, strong VMO is associated with bodybuilders who desire defined, sculpted quads. If you're an athlete, your VMO doesn't need to look like it's bu...

By: Andy Haley