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Is it Possible to Build Muscle Without Getting Sore?

No one said it better than Arnold Schwarzenegger: "no pain no gain." Muscle soreness is commonly associated with exercise effectiveness. In other words,...

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How Kentucky Basketball Players Stay Healthy During the Season

All off season athletes are put through rigorous training sessions, from lifting big heavy weights to running at high end speeds over and over for long...

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What Is Lactate and How Does it Affect Your Performance?

The lessons of sports: Despite being smaller, slower, and less skilled, lay your heart on the line until the whistle blows.If there's an athletic trope...

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How to Use the Pool to Recover Faster from Workouts

During the summer, the pool is always a popular hangout, but it shouldn't just be a place for cannonballs and belly flops. In fact, a pool can be ...

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5 Brutal Sprint Drills That Push the Lactic Threshold

The Five Most Painful Lactic Threshold Speed Sessions Lactic threshold and lactic tolerance are important for anyone who sprints. Whether you are a...

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