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Why You Should Embrace 'The Burn' When Working Out

For a long time lactic acid was bad news. Many people still see it this way, and rightfully so. But since its discovery in the early 19th century, what...

By: Frank Romeo

The TheraGun: The Recovery Tool Athletes Actually Like Using

The recovery tool that's taking the sports world by storm looks like an electric drill. It works like one, too. Press the button and it whirs t...

By: Brandon Hall

Is it Possible to Build Muscle Without Getting Sore?

No one said it better than Arnold Schwarzenegger: "no pain no gain." Muscle soreness is commonly associated with exercise effectiveness. In other words,...

By: Gavin Van De Walle

How Kentucky Basketball Players Stay Healthy During the Season

All off season athletes are put through rigorous training sessions, from lifting big heavy weights to running at high end speeds over and over for long...

By: Robert Harris

What Is Lactate and How Does it Affect Your Performance?

The lessons of sports: Despite being smaller, slower, and less skilled, lay your heart on the line until the whistle blows.If there's an athletic trope...

By: Joseph Brigley

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PowerBar Interbike 2010

Learn about the performance benefits of PowerBar's High Intensity Sustained Release Beta Alanine, and check out pro cyclist Craig Lewis beat the burn at the 2010 Interbike Outdoor demo.

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Jose Antonio, former NSCA vice president and ISSN CEO, defines and discusses Beta-Alanine.