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3 Grip Mistakes Undermining Your Bench Press, Deadlift and Lat Pulldowns

The stronger the grip, the stronger the man – or woman. Grip strength is one of the most overlooked aspects of training, but it goes far beyond exercise...

By: Justin Ochoa

How to Build Maximal Strength, the True Measure of Brute Force

Maximal strength is critical for sports performance. It impacts sprinting, jumping, throwing, hitting, batting, kicking, stopping, changing directions,...

By: John Cissik

How to Increase Bench Press Weight: A 5-Step Guide and Training Program

how to increase bench press Get ready to pile on the plates and smash PRs with this bench press program designed by Drexel University fitness director,...

By: Joe Giandonato

The Upper-Body Workout That Powered Devin Hester Into the NFL Record Books

Devin Hester has always looked up to Deion Sanders. That might still be the case, but now it's Sanders' turn to look up to Hester in the record...

By: Brandon Hall

The Very Worst Ways to Use a Pulldown Bar

To show you what not to do, each Friday STACK brings you a moment from the weight room or sports field gone horribly wrong. If you struggle with ...

By: Dustin Brady

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Ultimate Moves: Dwight Howard

NBA superstar Dwight Howard's ultimate move is flying high and sinking sick dunks. Learn how you can add that same move to your repertoire.

Luciano Emilio Lat Pulldown

In this soccer training video, D.C. United forward Luciano Emilio performs the Lat Pulldown with coaching by Brian Goodstein.

Oklahoma Women’s Soccer Lat Pulldown

In this soccer training video, the University of Oklahoma’s Women’s Soccer team performs the Lat Pulldown during their in-season training, with explanation by assistant strength and conditioning coach Nancy Derrick.

Maryland Football Lat Pulldown

Maryland Football uses a Lat Pulldown with instruction from strength and conditioning coach Michael Szemborski.

Andy Hrovat Back Circuit

Olympic wrestler Andy Hrovat performs a back circuit consisting of Bent Over Rows, Single-Arm DB Rows, Low Rows, Lat Pulldowns and Pull-Ups while training at the University of Michigan with assistant strength and conditioning coach Jesse Miller.