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7 Chest-Supported Dumbbell Row Variations to Build a Bigger Back

The Chest-Supported Dumbbell Row is my most-programmed pulling exercise. It's a favorite of mine because it's safe, accessible and extremely effective...

Build a Bigger and Stronger Back With This 3-Week Lat Workout

Forging bigger lats is a common goal among athletes. A goal that is full of your basic rows, pull ups, pull downs, and pull overs (you're doing pull...

How You Are Screwing Up Assisted Pull-Ups?

Assisted pull ups are often utilized for clients or athletes that do not have the strength to perform enough body weight pull ups to include in their...

Why You Should Be Foam Rolling Your Upper Body

Do you own a foam roller? Do you use it on your legs and glutes? What about your upper body? Why do we foam roll? The idea behind foam rolling is to...

Build a Strong Upper Back in 4 Weeks

It's time to bring back your lat muscle! This article is a battle cry for many who have neglected their lats for the mirror muscles. It's time to...

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Upper-Body Football Strength With Ben Watson

NFL TE Ben Watson uses a circuit of weight room exercises to strengthen his back, which increases his ability to catch and hold onto the football.

Georgia Tech Volleyball Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

During an off-season workout, the Georgia Tech Volleyball team performs the Single-Arm Dumbbell Row with coaching by Scott McDonald.

Georgia Tech Men’s Swimming Dumbbell RDL to Row

Georgia Tech men’s swimming performs the Dumbbell RDL to Row during an off-season workout with coaching by Jason Benguche.

Georgia Volleyball Peg Chin-Up

University of Georgia Volleyball performs a Peg Chin-Up with instruction by strength and conditioning coach Michael Schweigert.

Maryland Football Lat Pulldown

Maryland Football uses a Lat Pulldown with instruction from strength and conditioning coach Michael Szemborski.