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7 Chest-Supported Dumbbell Row Variations to Build a Bigger Back

The Chest-Supported Dumbbell Row is my most-programmed pulling exercise. It's a favorite of mine because it's safe, accessible and extremely effective...

By: Kevin Warren

Build a Bigger and Stronger Back With This 3-Week Lat Workout

Forging bigger lats is a common goal among athletes. A goal that is full of your basic rows, pull ups, pull downs, and pull overs (you're doing pull...

By: Danny Takacs

How You Are Screwing Up Assisted Pull-Ups?

Assisted pull ups are often utilized for clients or athletes that do not have the strength to perform enough body weight pull ups to include in their...

By: Greg Schaible

Why You Should Be Foam Rolling Your Upper Body

Do you own a foam roller? Do you use it on your legs and glutes? What about your upper body? Why do we foam roll? The idea behind foam rolling is to...

By: Matt Tanneberg

Build a Strong Upper Back in 4 Weeks

It's time to bring back your lat muscle! This article is a battle cry for many who have neglected their lats for the mirror muscles. It's time to...

By: Beau Bradbury

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Upper-Body Football Strength With Ben Watson

NFL TE Ben Watson uses a circuit of weight room exercises to strengthen his back, which increases his ability to catch and hold onto the football.

Georgia Tech Volleyball Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

During an off-season workout, the Georgia Tech Volleyball team performs the Single-Arm Dumbbell Row with coaching by Scott McDonald.

Georgia Tech Men’s Swimming Dumbbell RDL to Row

Georgia Tech men’s swimming performs the Dumbbell RDL to Row during an off-season workout with coaching by Jason Benguche.

Georgia Volleyball Peg Chin-Up

University of Georgia Volleyball performs a Peg Chin-Up with instruction by strength and conditioning coach Michael Schweigert.

Maryland Football Lat Pulldown

Maryland Football uses a Lat Pulldown with instruction from strength and conditioning coach Michael Szemborski.