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A Fat-Loss Workout Strategy for Athletes That Actually Works

In most sports, the leaner, more powerful athletes enjoy an unfair advantage. With the Olympics going on now you can see this is evident in many of the...

By: Beau Bradbury

How to Improve Your Relative Strength to Become a Faster and More Explosive Athlete

Most programs run their athletes through a battery of tests at the end of each training phase. Common mainstays include the squat, bench, power clean,...

By: Shane Trotter

5 Endurance Supplements That Effectively Boost Your Stamina

Endurance athletics requires a fine balance of strength and endurance that can only be achieved by years of strategic training and dieting. Endurance...

By: Gary Moller

How Vibration Training Improves Sports Performance and Health

Whole-body vibration training is making how we train more effective. Many pro teams and elite performance facilities employ this method with their...

By: Andy Haley

Nutrition Tips for Hard-Gainers

A hard-gainer is term used for someone that has difficulty packing on lean muscle mass. This is due to several factors, not limited to genetics,...

By: Richard Choueiri