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3 Summer Shakes That Boost Athletic Performance

Summer is a time for athletes to rebuild their foundation and prepare for the upcoming season. Working out in the summer heat can leave you high and dry...

By: Andrew Meyers

Powerade Removes Controversial Ingredient

Coca-Cola is removing a controversial ingredient from its Powerade sports beverage following a similar move by Pepsi's Gatorade last year. The ...

By: Sam DeHority

Beat the Heat and Dominate Two-a-Days

J.J. Watt weighs himself before and after every practice for two reasons—to monitor his body weight and to make sure he's consuming enough flui...

By: Zac Clark

Beat the Heat: Hydrate with Lemon

Besides water and electrolytes, lemons are a must-have during the summer. When you are on the field for hours, game after game, staying hydrated i...

By: Tammy Kovaluk

Marshall Faulk Playable Character In "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14"

Marshall Faulk will be a playable character in EA Sports' Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14. Faulk spoke about the opportunity to join the golfing game dur...

By: SkywordNews