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How Correct Form for Back Exercises Can Vary Depending on Your Height and Physique

Lee Boyce on The Truth About Back Exercises Video: Simply put, no two bodies are created equally. Taller...

By: Lee Boyce

The Reason Why James Harrison Wears the Same Gray Sweatsuit When He Works Out

James Harrison always works out in the same gear—a gray Pittsburgh Steelers sweatshirt and a matching sweatpants. The 38-year-old linebacker's s...

By: Brandon Hall

3 Things Youth Athletes Should Never Do in the Weight Room

I believe that introducing strength training to our youth athletes at an early age is one of the greatest things we can do for them as coaches,...

By: Justin Ochoa

Blast Your Upper Body With This Shoulder Plate Raise Workout

Plate Raises if used correctly are great to build strength in the shoulder region; used by many for stronger fuller trapezius muscles (which are...

By: Kelvin King Jr.

How to Master the Single-Leg RDL

We all know how extremely important it's to provide an elevator for success for our athletes. This success built upon a very simple and easy ground...

By: Seth Blevins