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How to Improve Your Relative Strength to Become a Faster and More Explosive Athlete

Most programs run their athletes through a battery of tests at the end of each training phase. Common mainstays include the squat, bench, power clean,...

By: Shane Trotter

How Energy Systems Training Can Help You Be Better at Your Sport

When athletes and coaches think about conditioning it often times involves endless bouts of suicides, stair runs, and sprints with reckless abandonment....

By: Alex Rosencutter

3 Essential Training Tactics for Offensive Linemen

The offensive line is the lifeblood of every football team, but let's face it, the big guys up front rarely get any glory. For the most part, playing on...

By: David Scott-McDowell

Eight USC Offensive Linemen Got Stuck in an Elevator and Created a Pretty Damn Good Freestyle Rap

Approximately 2,500 pounds of USC offensive linemen got stuck in an elevator for obvious reasons. Most notably, there were eight massive creatures c...

By: Josh Staph

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LSU Pro Day Linemen Bag Drills

Kansas City Chiefs 1st-rounder Glenn Dorsey shows off his agility and quicks to NFL scouts at the LSU Pro Day