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5 Ways Alcohol Undermines Your Workout

There is no doubt about it: alcohol and sports are interlaced. Whether it is going out for a drink after your game with friends, or getting a beer at...

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How Sports Hydration Affects Your Performance

Let's face it, sports hydration isn't sexy. There is nothing exciting about monitoring your hydration or drinking more water, but you could be seriously...

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Water or Sports Drinks: What to Drink When?

With temperatures skyrocketing as we dive deeper into the summer months, hydration is more important than ever. Intense training sessions combined...

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The Lowdown on Losing Weight Without Detox

  In the world of weight loss, everyone is looking for that quick fix. Whether it is a powder, pill or liquid, detox products promise lost pounds and...

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The Los Angeles Lakers PRO Nutrition Plan

Photo: AP Steve Nash took to it quickly. Kobe Bryant said he never felt better. And Dwight Howard used it to turn his season around (even if he ev...

By: Joe Donatelli