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WATCH: Mavericks' Zaza Pachulia's Son Nails Shot and Does Wesley Matthews' Bow & Arrow Celebration

Dallas Mavericks center Zaza Pachulia is having an impactful season, averaging a double-double. Most of his points are scored in the paint, and Pach...

By: Rob Scott

Is the Paleo Diet Good for Athletes?

Beyond the Cave: After attending the annual Food and Nutrition Conference in Nashville recently, I decided to write a few "bites" on the Diet and...

By: Amy Jamieson-Petonic

STACK's Top 10 Expert Articles for 2012

We are honored to work with hundreds of the top sports experts from around the country. Throughout 2012, they have done a fantastic job of covering ev...

By: Andy Haley

Why Martin Brodeur Practices Yoga

"I do yoga," candidly states New Jersey Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur. Go ahead and argue that yoga is for girls, but you can't argue with ...

By: Zac Clark

Get Hip With Flexibility

Hip flexor muscles work together to flex the hips and stabilize the lower body. Your hips are the powerhouse of your body, so an injury to those muscl...

By: Zac Clark